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Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges For Use In
#100 C9368 Gray Photo
PG Part #: PG-C9368    
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     For use in these printers
PhotoSmart C5240
PhotoSmart C5250
PhotoSmart C5280
PhotoSmart D5345
PhotoSmart D5360
OfficeJet 6310
DeskJet 460c
DeskJet 6520
DeskJet 6520xi
DeskJet 6540
DeskJet 6540dt
DeskJet 6540xi
DeskJet 6830v
DeskJet 6840
DeskJet 6840dt
DeskJet 6840xi
DeskJet 9800
DeskJet 9800d
OfficeJet 7210
OfficeJet 7210v
OfficeJet 7210xi
OfficeJet 7310
OfficeJet 7310xi
OfficeJet 7410
OfficeJet 7410xi
PhotoSmart 2610
PhotoSmart 2610xi
PhotoSmart 2710
PhotoSmart 2710xi
PhotoSmart 8150
PhotoSmart 8150v
PhotoSmart 8150xi
PhotoSmart 8450
PhotoSmart 8450xi
PhotoSmart 8750
PSC 2610
PhotoSmart 2575
PhotoSmart 2575v
PhotoSmart 2575xi
PhotoSmart 325
PhotoSmart 325v
PhotoSmart 325xi
PhotoSmart 335
PhotoSmart 335v
PhotoSmart 335xi
PhotoSmart 375
PhotoSmart 375B
PhotoSmart 375v
PhotoSmart 385
PhotoSmart 385v
PhotoSmart 385xi
PhotoSmart 422
PhotoSmart 428
PhotoSmart 428v
PhotoSmart 428xi
PhotoSmart 475
PhotoSmart 428xi
PhotoSmart 475
PhotoSmart 475v
PhotoSmart 475xi
PhotoSmart 8050
PhotoSmart C4180
PhotoSmart D5069
PhotoSmart D5160
DeskJet 6940
DeskJet 6940dt
DeskJet 6980
DeskJet 6980dt
DeskJet 6988
DeskJet 6988dt
PhotoSmart 8050v
PhotoSmart 8050xi
DeskJet 460cb
DeskJet 460wbt
DeskJet 460wf
DeskJet 6543
PhotoSmart 2600 Series
PhotoSmart 2610v n
PhotoSmart 422 Gogo
PhotoSmart 425 Gogo
PSC PhotoSmart 2610
PSC PhotoSmart 2710
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