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We Buy Empties
We are continuously in need of empty cores to meet our production demands. This presents an opportunity for you to make top dollar on your empty inkjet cartridge inventory. So, if You Got It... We Want It!
We Pay The Shipping
A minimum of 20 ink cartridges are required for free shipping.
To get a pre-paid shipping label, please choose option 1 or 2 and provide your contact information.
1) Submit Bulk Empties(Click Here)
(You do not need to count your cartridges. Simply click on the link above, fill out your contact information, receive your labels and send us your empties. We will do a complete inspection report of what you submitted)

2) Submit Detailed Inventory(Click Here)
(If you have a complete count of all your cartridges, simply click the link above to enter a detailed count for each of the cartridges you are submitting.)