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Commitment To The Environment
As an environmentally responsible remanufacturing company, Planet Green provides an answer for people who are looking to purchase recycled products and to keep their cartridges out of landfills. We offer an alternative to the standard end-of-life model for these items by extending their lifecycle and closing the loop on their production. We take this green cause seriously and extend it to our business philosophy and practices.
Going Green
Consider these facts:
  • More than 300 million printer cartridges end up in our landfills on a yearly basis. That translates into more than $450 million being thrown away.
  • Approximately 90% of printer cartridges are recyclable but only 20% are being recycled. Excess ink and toner can filter into our water supply.
  • More than two ounces of oil are used for the production of every inkjet cartridge. That means we're going through more than 4,000,000 gallons of oil for single-use cartridges each year.
  • The recovery and reuse of empty printer cartridges diverts millions of cubic feet of material from waste disposal, saving us the millions of tax dollars needed to pay for additional landfill management.

Planet Green recognizes that business has a direct and indirect impact on the environment. Our goal is to achieve sustainability through calculated decisions, measurable results and direct impact.


Planet Green has taken proactive measures to minimize energy use in its 30,000 square foot facility.


Planet Green is constantly striving to recycle, reuse and reduce its waste throughout the office and warehouse.


Water is an integral part of the remanufacturing process and we have done our part to improve our process and reduce such a valuable resource


Effort to reuse and source packaging material has been made with our Focus brand cartridge packaging which of over 30% recycled material


All of our company ventures including websites, boxes, sales brochures & marketing material, even our company name, reflect our continuous environmental commitment.


Frequent inspections ensure our compliance with regulatory codes established by City of Los Angeles Fire and Public Works department

Planet Green environmental policy is imbedded in the company's mission. Our future generation is relying on our implementation of such simple acts and we feel strongly about your support in aftermarket products. We appreciate your efforts in working with Planet Green today for a greener tomorrow.